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Documents drive business today, and the Caltronics Solutions Team offers services and products for every facet of your organization. From capture to output, collection to distribution, we can provide the expertise to take your business to the next level, providing new levels of efficiency and productivity through intelligent technology. Our consultative approach allows us to understand your business and your needs, and then apply the appropriate solution to streamline and improve your business process.
Document Management, Scanning and Capture

Paper is inherently inefficient. Storing, filing, and transporting paper documents is expensive and time consuming. Caltronics offers a wide variety of software and hardware solutions, to fit every need and budget. From a basic desktop scanner, to full blown Enterprise Document Management, our Solutions Team can help any business move towards a paperless environment. Click here to find out more about Document Management, Scanning and Capture
Network Fax Systems

Have you ever done the math on how much those fax machines cost your organization per month? Analog phone line charges, toner, maintenance, and paper fees can all add up over time. Caltronics offers Captaris RightFax as a paperless fax solution to eliminate the need to manage individual fax hardware, and allow the move to centralized, secure faxing. Click here to find out more about Network Fax Systems
Document Workflow

Moving paper documents between departments and individuals in any organization is a time consuming and costly endeavor. Documents are lost, invoices go unpaid and the paper just keeps piling up. Electronic workflow can provide a “virtual” inbox and outbox system within your organization to improve efficiency, and improve the overall business process. Click here to find out more about Document Workflow
Production Print Workflow and Web Submission

Creating complex print jobs “on the fly” is almost impossible with today’s applications. Inserting tabs and color inserts, creating booklets, binding and attaching covers have always been a manual, off line process. All of these time consuming steps can be accomplished with a software/hardware solution. Click here to find out more about Production Print Workflow and Web Submission
Variable Data Printing

So what is variable data? Customer addresses and contact information, invoicing information within a database, or even a sales report information on all your sales representatives. Create incredible color documents, personalized for your customers, members or staff, and output them on unparalleled Konica Color output devices. Click here to find out more about Variable Data Printing
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